When 13 Moons Entwine

is an international textile arts event, inspired by the thirteen moons of the lunar calendar. It is an outdoor laboratory that brings together 26 professional, international and emerging artists in the creation of 13 textile art installations along a scenic walking path at Moon Rain Centre in the Gatineau Hills. A spectrum of textile arts exhibitions will be presented in collaboration with major exhibition centres in the region and throughout this festive event, workshops will be taught by international textile artists.


Calendar of Events 2010

15 - 30 August • Artists create installations on the 13 sites along the walking path at Moon Rain Centre

See On-Site Installations

24 August • Press Conference, 10am at Moon Rain Centre.

2 August - 27 September • Exhibition «From Cotton to Wool, a story once told»

at la cooperative du solidarité des arts et du patrimoine Val-Gatinois, Déléage.

26 August - 10 October • Exhibition « 9th International Triennale of Mini-Textiles »

at Galerie Montcalm, City of Gatineau. VERNISSAGE 26 August

26 August - 28 September • Exhibition « The Living Tapestry», woven works by Thoma Ewen

at The Trinity Gallery, Shenkman Arts Centre, Orleans. VERNISSAGE 29 August, 2-4pm.

27 August - 10 October • Exhibition « Fibres Boreales »

at l’Espace Pierre Debain, City of Gatineau. VERNISSAGE 27 August, 5-7pm.

28 August - 10 October • Exhibition «The Thirteen Moons»

at Moon Rain Centre. VERNISSAGE 28 August, 5-7pm.

Saturday 28 August • OPENING of The International Textile Arts Event in the Outaouais « When Thirteen Moons Entwine » at Moon Rain Centre.

Visitors welcome, meet the artists and participate in hands-on workshops. The walking path and the exhibition will be open to the public on weekends, 11am-5pm, until the 10th of October

28 August - 10 October • Hands-on textile arts workshops at Moon Rain Centre

Register online : Thirteen Moons Workshops

28 August - 10 October • Exhibition of international tapestry artists « Threads of Light »

in the Salle du Conseil, l’Hôtel de Ville de Val-des-Monts. OPEN: 28-29 August, 4-5 & 25-26 September and 9-10 October from 11am-5pm.

4 September - 25 September • Exhibition «Marvellous Birds»

solo exhibition of works by Jocelyne McNicoll, at Impressions Gallery, Shawville. VERNISSAGE 4 September, 1-4pm.

5 September - 26 September • Exhibition «Artistic Fibre»

at the Centre D’action Culturelle of the MRC Papineau.

25 September • CULTURE DAYS

Exhibition shuttle bus will visit Galerie Montcalm, Espace Pierre Debain, Moon Rain Centre and the Hotel de Ville of Val-des-Monts.

26 September • Community textile arts project «Tissages Metissages »

directed by Moon Rain Centre in the Agora of the Maison du Citoyen, City of Gatineau.

Sunday October 10th • CLOSING CEREMONY

5-7pm at Moon Rain Centre, to thank partners, artists, volunteers and participants.

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